Wii Sports Resort – day 1

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Wii Sports Resort is the second game in the Wii Sports line-up, with the first being more or less a promotional disc that comes with the Wii console. This game is one of the first to make use of the new Motion Plus attachment and is actually shipped with one in the package. When Wii Sports Resort is first played, a tutorial video plays that teaches you how to plug in the Motion Plus attachment. The video is slightly annoying if you know what you’re doing or bothered to read the instruction booklet that came with it and there is no way to by-pass the video, but at least it remembers that you’ve watched it and doesn’t play it again. Wii Sports Resort requires that the Motion Plus attachment be hooked up to your Wiimote at all times and some of the games require the use of the Nunchuk attachment. The Motion Plus is designed to increase the accuracy of the Wiimote in capturing all of your movement and it seems to do this pretty well, although it needs to be re-calibrated fairly often. The other problem with it is that it increases the length of the Wiimote. This isn’t a problem for an adult, but if there are small children playing, they may have trouble playing games that require the Wiimote to be used like a normal controller. The added length makes it more difficult for small hands to reach the buttons.
The basic idea of the Wii Sports titles is that you can play sports in your house and actually be throwing and hitting and paddling and whatever else you might have to do instead of just pushing buttons. The original Wii Sports only had baseball, golf, bowling, boxing and tennis. They’ve added several more sports to the Resort including canoeing, wakeboarding, basketball, cycling and swordplay.  They dropped the boxing and exchanged the tennis for ping-pong. Since the original was essentially free, having such a limited amount of games wasn’t a problem at all. The games were rather well made and react well to any actions you can make. Every time a game is played, it reminds you of the buttons you need to press in order to play. While this can get annoying, sometimes the reminder is nice. Overall, the first Wii Sports game was a rather good example of the power of the Wii and Wii Sports Resort is looking like a good follow up.

Come back on Wednesday to hear more about Wii Sports Resort when I’ll be covering the game-play and looking at the difficulty.


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