Wii Sports Resort – Day 3

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Overall, Wii Sports Resort is a good game. Its family friendly and easy for children to learn and play. The multi-player mode is good for groups to have fun together and the playing field is fairly equal no matter who is playing, even children playing against adults. Nearly all of the games are playable at a maximum of four players and minimum of one player where it adds in computer players to fill out the necessary number of players. I especially recommend the archery and swordplay as being very fun. The Wii Motion Plus seems to be functioning as it should and getting it with the game is a pretty good deal.

4/5 Hearts

Overall, I would rate Wii Sports Resort at 4/5 hearts.

In regards to this blog, I’ve decided to rethink the 1 game in 3 posts method. Its spreading the review out to much and leaving me with nothing to say at the end. For some games, this might work and for others it might now. From now on, the games will get the amount of time I need to discuss them.


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