Ninja Run!

Posted: August 13, 2010 in 3 Hearts, Uncategorized

Ninja Run is one of the new games available for free play on Ninja Run is a fairly straight forward platformer with cute, low resolution graphics and very simple mechanics. The only abilities you have as your ninja avatar are to shoot, to jump, to double jump and to control the speed of your running. If the player does nothing, the poor little ninja will run off a cliff. He can’t be a very good ninja then, I suppose. Anyway, so there’s a ninja running along and jumping across breaks in the ground. And then there’s also enemy ninjas. You can use throwing stars to kill the enemy ninjas or just jump over them. If you kill the ninjas, they explode in a cartoony limbs flying everywhere sort of way. Probably not the best for really little kids, but its not really gory like some games so its not too bad.

One of the things I really like about Ninja Run is that unlike other platformers, the location of the platforms and the enemies is randomized every time you start meaning you can’t just muscle memory your way to a higher score. This is something I approve of, especially given how many games I’ve seen where if you play for long enough, you can literally play while blind folded without any extra effort.

Another thing I really liked about the way Ninja Run was designed is that the tutorial phase isn’t drawn out. It just shows you which buttons do which actions and then lets you continue on. And better yet, the tutorial only shows up when you first start playing each session.

One of the things that I don’t exactly like, but might make sense given that you’re a ninja, is the fact that you can change your speed while in mid-air. I’m not sure how I feel about accelerating to save myself from falling off a cliff. This seems like it seriously breaks game physics but it might just be that you’re a ninja. And ninjas can do things like that.

The other thing to note is that while it may look on the surface like a Super Mario clone (I know my mom came over to the computer and thought that’s what I was playing), but it doesn’t feel like one at all when you’re playing. Super Mario is much less fast paced, feels less urgent. Sure, the graphics are vaguely similar and its the same platformer style, but that’s pretty muc3/5 zelda heartsh all the similarity.

And in conclusion, for cute graphics, simple game play, randomization of platforms, and a well done tutorial, despite strange physics and mild violence, but not over the top violence, I award Ninja Run with 3 Hearts. Well done! Ninja Run can be found either by going to or by going directly to where the creators host it at


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