Tasty Planet 2 : Back For Seconds

Posted: October 8, 2010 in 5 Hearts
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Tasty Planet 2 is a very pretty game, let me just say that first. I also think I should mention just how rarely I play a demo for a game and then actually buy it. With this game, I finished my demo time and immediately bought the game. That’s how amazing this is. The basic concept is roughly like Katamari Damacy. You are a blob and can eat things smaller than you. Now eat as much as you can in the time limit. What makes Tasty Planet 2 interesting is the setting and storyline. You start in the modern day in the science lab where you, the gray goo, were created and eat the other creation of the scientist…his time machine. Next stop, the time of the dinosaurs.

There are 4 play modes for Tasty Planet 2. The first is the timed mode where you have to beat a level’s objective within the time limit. The second is casual. You get the same level, same objective but no time limit. I liked this, because it meant when I got stuck in timed mode, I could still go get the rest of the story. The other two modes are timed bonus and casual bonus which are extra levels that become available after beating timed and casual modes. The levels themselves are quite well designed and the difficulty is, in my opinion, much greater than that of Katamari Damacy once you get towards the end game. Plus, is there anything more fun that running around eating dinosaurs?

The art for this game was quite pretty. Not like super spectacular over the top 3d or anything, but very well done cartoon graphics. They fit well with the feel of the game. The music also blended together with the game play and the art to form a very nice game experience.

For a rating, I have to say I’m stunned. But I loved this game. It was one of the best games I’ve played in a while. And for that, I award Tasty Planet 2 : Back For Seconds a 5 out of 5 hearts. For anyone interested in purchasing Tasty Planet 2, they can get it from http://www.dingogames.com/. Tasty Planet 2 is available for both Mac and Windows.

  1. Rhiannon Chiacchiaro says:

    DUDE! I downloaded the demo. It’s soooooo fun. It’s totally Katamari: The Eatening.

  2. Eric says:

    I’ve been looking over people’s shoulders as it is played, and it looks great. Watch out for the laser ants!

    Sadly, when I ran it in Wine on Ubuntu 10.04, neither the “buy it now” nor “maybe later” button work, so I can’t click on them to get started. Oh well. Still looks like a fun game!

  3. […] one where there are repelling forces and such things. It sort of reminds me of Katamari Damacy or Tasty Planet 2, only with puzzles. A lot of the puzzles are based on basic principals of physics, like every […]

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