Class is back in session

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

And now we move back into that hectic time of year where I have classes. On the plus side, I’ll be taking 3 game design courses this term so my classes will be conducive to writing on this blog. Who knows, you might even get to hear about some of my projects. Sadly, I can’t say all because I already had to sign a non-disclosure for one of my courses. Stupid super secret game design engines. Well, anyway, there wont be much in the way of a post today, but I’m getting ready for the MIT Mystery Hunt this weekend.

The MIT Mystery Hunt is a pretty amazing thing run up at MIT where there are puzzles in puzzles in puzzles in…you get it. The end goal is to solve the super meta puzzles. This year’s theme appears to be Super Mario Bros. We think we have to save Peach. Maybe. Its hard to tell. Well, back to work I go. On Monday, I’ll talk about how it went.

  1. astronouth7303 says:

    I thought you could talk about the game, just not the engine.

    But yeah, it annoys me that the school teaches you a tool you can’t use for personal projects.

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