HTML5 and the Canvas Tag

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been super busy with my classwork lately, but I have a little time to pop in a write something up. So, today I thought I’d tell you about the newest shiny object to pass through the game development world, especially the indie community. For a long time, Flash has been the standard for making a web based game or app. Now, with the newest iteration of HTML, we have the canvas tag which allows for amazing things like games that can be played in browser without any plugins and for game windows that can resize themselves dynamically. Currently, HTML5 is supported by Google Chrome and recent versions of Firefox, Safari and very, very recent version of Internet Explorer. Remember Prokaryote Hero, the little game that me and my friends made for the GameJam, that’s an HTML5 canvas tag game.

We’re currently developing a library to streamline the production of further games using this platform and I’m hoping for a more widespread adoption. I spoke with Kongregate and while they’re not actively adding support, they haven’t rule it out yet. Everyone who can should update to the newest version of their browser of choice and start exploring the games that are available. Check out, for example. If you were thinking that HTML5 games are just low resolution, arcade style games, think again. Check out FreeCiv! And that’s just one of the amazing games using the wonders of the canvas tag. I’m hoping to make a game or two during term break. I’ll be sure to post links when they become available. After all, dear readers, you’re also my playtesters. ^_^


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