Hack Slash Crawl

Posted: March 9, 2011 in 4 Hearts, Uncategorized

Everyone remember Nethack? Good. Well, here’s a game I found seems very similar. Its called Hack Slash Crawl. The basic idea is that you’re a hero-type fellow with a big old sword and armor and you’re running through a dungeon beating up bad guys. While a very simple premise, they did it very well here.

Character creation is very simple and they show you clearly what each choice you make does. You can also unlike titles through playing which add bonuses to your character. I’m a fan of being the Deadly and Devastating. Each race and class grant special things to your character, and all the classes can cast spells since the spells come either from the race or class or from armor and weapons found in the dungeon. They also randomly generate a character for you when you start up so you don’t have to make any choices if you don’t want to.

I ended up playing a Werewolf Fighter this go around. The interface is very nice, very simple. My major complaint about it is that the text display up in the top right seems to be missing letters or something. “YO IT ENEMY OR” is a little difficult to understand. I vaguely recall this not happening in earlier play throughs and I suspect a graphics bug. The isometric graphics are well suited to this game.

Here’s the inventory screen. No, I don’t know what Mana Pearls are for other than achievements. Down the bottom there you can see I have two spells now and if you look up at my paperdoll, you can see which items are granting me those spells. You can also see my level under my titles. I really like this inventory screen, though I have to wonder why they gave me so much room to put stuff in, since I just end up selling almost all of it for Mana Pearls I can’t seem to do anything with.

Hack Slash Crawl is certainly a fun little hack and slash adventure, though the implementation has its faults. There are periodic glitches with the display and the combat text is completely doomed. I have no idea what the Mana Pearls are for. I’ve made it to the 10th level of the dungeon without ever once finding a store. All in all, Hack Slash Crawl shows promise, but plays like its early in the design phase and they haven’t implemented things yet. There’s no story, no quests, no shops, but the combat is very well done. I award Hack Slash Crawl a 4 out of 5 hearts.

4/5 HeartsIf you’re interested in playing Hack Slash Crawl, you can find it here.


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