Robin Hood

Posted: April 1, 2011 in 2 Hearts
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Robin Hood by Legacy Interactive is a point and click adventure telling the story of Robin Hood, the Merry Men and Maid Marien as they rob from the rich, give to the poor and try and get back King Richard the Lionheart. This happens through a combination of puzzle games, dialogue and mostly find the hidden object puzzles. I’m under the impression that that particular genre must be painfully easy to program, given the sheer number of them out there.

I played through the entire demo and I have to say, I’m not impressed. They dumbed down the story, and inserted puzzles arbitrarily to make it a game. The puzzles are all the type I’d expect to find in Highlights magazine and at about that difficulty. They’re billing it as a kid’s game, but I don’t honestly think this is going to keep the attention of any child. Especially not a child actually capable of reading the dialogue and instructions.
I will give them this, though, the art is really really nice to look at. The music is also soothing, though it repeats just a bit too often. It hits that point where you can feel the repeat and it becomes jarring. The art is mostly realistic and looks almost hand painted, which is really nice. I really enjoyed just looking through the worlds as I was playing.

The major thing that I didn’t like was the overall feel that the game gave me. I love the story of Robin of Locksley and I felt like this was honestly a less compelling, less interesting, less intelligent telling than the Disney version which involved small, furry animals.

That’s right, Marian, you heard me. Disney told it better with furry animals. Now stop looking so gratified. Its hard to do it worse than a $7 hidden object puzzle with a random story tacked on. It probably would have been better with animation on the dialogue scenes, or maybe some voice over. If there were voice overs for the characters, I’d be more willing to buy that its a kid’s game, but as it is, not only do I refuse to believe that a kid would bother to read the dialogue and be able to read it all, but Will Scarlett swore and I’m only an hour in. Sure, “damnit” isn’t the worst swear ever and I’m sure they’ve heard it, but you don’t bill a game as kid friendly and throw in something like that randomly. Being as how this is a random internet based game company, they didn’t get their game rated by the ESRB and there’s nothing on their site to show that the game contains swears. It doesn’t even have violence, other than the constant references to the gallows, at least not as far as I’ve gotten.

Wow…I ranted. Ok, anyway. I didn’t really like this game. It felt like I was trying to read a badly abridged book but someone kept throwing puzzles at me. If I told the puzzles to go away, they would with no penalty, which in a way just made it all worse. Sure, you can’t really change the story of Robin Hood…but at the same time, now I have no emotional involvement at all. So why exactly am I trying to find stray fish?

In conclusion, this is a beautiful environment to go searching for objects, but I have no idea why I’m doing it. There’s nothing that makes me want to keep going. To be perfectly honest, they drained the joy out of hearing the story. The controls are simple to use and friendly, but there’s no reason to play on an emotional level. I award this game with a 2 out of 5 hearts. They were saved by their art team on this one.

If you’re interested in checking this game out, you can find it at Legacy Interactive’s website here for $7 or play the free demo.


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