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Minesweeper is fun, right? Clue is fun, right? Lets shove them together! There’s no way this can end poorly! So, first off, there are a few different play modes. It includes story mode, endless mode, and duel mode. Story mode has 11 different levels of 4 different difficulties. As the player solves levels, they unlock new levels of increasing difficulty. To solve a mystery, the player has to basically use the idea from Minesweeper that the little number in each square shows how many clues are touching it to find clues to solve the mystery.

So, take a look at the screen shot, if you will. Here we have the play screen for the two single player modes. Off on the right, there are the 5 suspects. These a randomly generated faces and titles. Above that is your notepad for clues and the remaining time in the game. Now, about that time. It took me a couple play throughs before I noticed that the “time” is actually moves remaining. Its a little bit misleading, but I caught on quickly enough. Also, the “solve!” button down the bottom left is actually a toggle switch to go back and forth between sweeper mode and choosing a suspect as the criminal.

Duel mode is interesting in that it can be played either against an AI or another player. In this mode, the goal is to have the highest score at the end. It just so happens that you get a really nice bonus for catching the criminal so the person who catches the criminal usually wins. Other than that, the game play is pretty much the same. When playing against another human, both humans (or whatever else might be playing against you) are at the same computer and using the same mouse. I find that this mode is very odd. There is no way to get clues without your opponent getting them, so its really up to you to think faster than they do.

I really enjoyed playing this game and found that it is quite re-playable even after I beat story mode. Between endless mode and duel mode, and the fact that the story mode levels are randomized, it is amazing just how many times you can play. I also liked the graphics, they’re quite good. As an added bonus, if you play on Kongregate for the next two weeks, you get entered in a contest to win a $500 gift card to Gamestop, which is always nice. But then, its time for the rating. I like this game, though I find the multiplayer less than awesome. Its re-playable and challenging at the same time. I really like the difficulty levels and it felt like a really nice curve. Over all, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 hearts. Its a well made game.

4/5 HeartsIf you’d like to play ClueSweeper, you can find it here. I suggest checking it out before the contest ends.


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