Pocket Frogs

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, this is a new one for Dangerous to Go Alone. I, myself, don’t own an iPhone, but a few of my friends do and I’ve been playing their games in my free time. I found myself playing this neat little game called Pocket Frogs. It is a free app available through the iPhone app store that was developed by Nimblebit. The basic idea of the game is that you’re raising frogs to breed, sell and race. There is a Froggydex of all available frog breeds and achievements for getting different types of frogs and such.

So, you have to tame your frogs by tapping the screen to hop around a lily pond and eat flies. You can also get gifts which can contain things like coins, potions, more frogs and habitats. There are achievements to be gained by getting different kinds of frogs in various combinations. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of achievements and the content isn’t being updated. There are, however, over 15,000 different types of frogs.

Pocket Frogs is what is known as a microtransaction game. This type of games operates off the idea that the user can play the game for free but has the option to buy things which can make play more enjoyable or bonus content. These payments are usually quite small and frequently involve buying some sort of in-game currency. Its an interesting business model and seems to work quite well. There are a lot of games that are using this model quite successfully.

The main problem with Pocket Frogs is the fact that once you have all the achievements there is really no more incentive to play unless you really want to go through the grind to get all 15,000+ types of frogs. Even then, they aren’t increasing the frog types so eventually you would have all of them. While the graphics are pretty cute and the game play can be entertaining, it just isn’t compelling enough to last after all the achievements are gathered. There’s only so long you can tap lily pads and breeds frogs before you get bored.

Admittedly, there is the racing game and puzzle game. I never did figure out how the racing game works exactly. I think that you can tap to make your frog go faster, but this might just be me thinking it works this way so processing what I see as supporting my theory. The puzzle game is pretty much a matching game. You can play either to maybe win coins and other prizes.

Overall, Pocket Frogs is a mildly entertaining little game for the kind of person who likes Farmville and the like. I personally don’t like it very much, but it can be played for short periods of time and has a lot of content. The content isn’t be updated, which is a major downside but it could still be worth it if this is your kind of thing, especially since the game is free to play. I give Pocket Frogs a 3 out of 5 Hearts.

3/5 zelda heartsIf you are interested in playing Pocket Frogs, you can find it in the iPhone and iPad app store and it is available for both systems.

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