Angry Birds

Posted: May 18, 2011 in 4.5 Hearts
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Angry Birds is a very popular iPhone game these days. But did you know that it is available for more than just the iPhone and iPad? According to the Rovio webpage (they’re the developers, you see), Angry Birds is also available in the Ovi Store (for the Nokia Ovi, apparently), the Palm app catalog and on Intel App Up, which is for netbook apps. You can also get it in the Google Chrome app store. Angry Birds is a puzzle game based on launching birds with special powers out of a slingshot to attack the pigs that stole their eggs.

For being a silly little puzzle game about birds with homicidal rage and strange powers, Angry Birds is insanely popular. It is the #1 downloaded app in the US and Canada and countless other countries. It plays more or less the same on every platform that you can find it on, the main difference being whether you use your finger or a mouse to control the launch angle of the birds. The physics involved is pretty simple and the puzzles are usually quite solvable. Periodically, though, I find myself getting stuck for weeks on a single puzzle. While a good puzzle game should have moments of frustration, it shouldn’t last for weeks. I admit, it took a good long time before I hit one of these levels, but still.

The graphics are really cute and simple. I love all the little birds. The backgrounds are simple and don’t get in the way of play. The different materials that the pigs use to defend themselves are clearly distinct and you can tell how strong different materials are. The sound effects are quite nice and entertaining. I like the music. Its whimsical and amusing, if a bit loud. All together, it adds up to a very amusing game that is fun for all ages.

I really enjoyed playing this game, I’m still playing actually. One of the things I really like about this game is that so many people are playing it, not just gamers. In fact, Angry Birds is largely played by adults who are normally older than the average gamer. In light of that and in light of just how fun it was to play, I award Angry Birds with 4.5 hearts out of 5.

4.5 out of 5 zelda heartsIf you’re interested in playing Angry Birds, there are so many different ways to play and different places you can get it that the best way to do it is to go to Rovio’s Angry Birds page here. If you want to find it in the Chrome store though, you should go here.

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  2. Neil Tozier says:

    I felt like it should be mentioned that it is also available on the Android mobile phone / tablet platform.

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