Wii U

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know, I know, giant absence and then posting on an off day. I can’t help it. I just got my first look at the Wii U, Nintendo’s new console out. I have no idea what to say. To be perfectly honest, the first words out of my mouth were “What the hell am I even looking at?” Its got two directional sticks, all the buttons we used to have circa Gamecube and still appears to have motion tracking. There appears be some kind of connector bit down the bottom there. Nintendo finally announced everything, so you can get more information from their website. I bet that’s a touch screen. Shiny.

  1. Tim S says:

    It is a touch screen. I’d bet the promo clip is up… I watched the E3 feed. I dunno how I feel about it ergonomically. The Wiimote is nice and small and is easy to use because most actions are bound to motions. The Gamecube controller was standard controller, but very comfortable (compared to the XBOX controller, present or past). I kinda feel like it’ll be weird to hold it… Then again, I have no problem with most handhelds. Who knows?

  2. I’ve been reading more about this and I have to say I’m a little afraid. The higher ups in Nintendo can’t even agree with each other about how many controllers the system can handle. But, Sega has already promised a high definition Sonic game so we’ll see…

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