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Alright, this one of the most bizarre and kind of unnerving games I’ve ever played. You start out as a blind, legless robot trying to get approval from your apparently human (and really creepy) mother. This entire game feels like some existential crisis involving either loving or hating your mother as a child. The interface is really interesting, especially at the beginning before you get your eyes. It really feels like this game was meant to be played on something like the DS.

The mechanics are very simple, being those of a basic platformer. You also slowly learn the various controls as you gain them. For example, you can’t duck until you get that ability. One of the things I particularly liked about this game was that dying meant you just started a room over again and periodically you could use it to your advantage to get out of a room. Its really annoying before you get the ability to jump though.

The one thing I find really bothersome is that the dialogue gets replaced at the top rather than being at the bottom and scrolling up over time. This goes against all logic that I am used to and it really throws me off. Other than that, I really like the graphics and the over all feel of the game. It meshes really well with the gameplay and the music to produce a very unique experience.

Just after getting the double jump, Mother mentioned a plan. I’m a little afraid to keep going. But review I shall! I enjoyed this game immensely and found the way it was made to be very conducive to fun and playability. In light of that, I’m awarding it with a very well deserved 4 out of 5.

4/5 Hearts

  1. Shasaja says:

    I find it a bit obnoxious how often I have to run back & forth between rooms, as new bits of equipment open up access to areas I couldn’t reach before. Other than that I really like this game.

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