Top Defense

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Top Defense is a really interesting twist on the tower defense game. Instead of the usual lining up of towers, you have a canon and missile launcher and various other weapons and you’re shooting from orbit.

So, the basic story for this game is that you’re part of the imperial fleet and you’re fighting against the eternal tribes in a generations long war. A planet’s population was wiped out, leaving unattended military bases, and the eternal tribes have decided that they want that planet. Its your job to keep them from claiming the nuclear bases. While the story is quite simple, its just enough to give the player enough background to set the stage and, in a way, make it all matter.

Over time, you unlock new weapons and get energy to upgrade them with. The tech tree is interesting, since spending energy on one item causes the other ones to cost more. This is a mechanic I’d never seen before this and it does make things interesting because you really need to manage how much you’re putting into each upgrade. I also really like the way the combat portions of the game work.

This is like no other TD style game you’ve every played. I have 4 different lanes they could be attacking on, 8 possible weapons, destructible surface targets, and two possible exit points for the creep. This makes normal TDs look like child’s play. There are also special armored units, just incase it wasn’t hard enough. Also, see that little square with the plus sign in it. That’s a landing pad, for the mother ship…which opens up a 5th possible lane.

I enjoyed playing this game and I suggest that you try it out if you can, especially if you like tower defense games. The graphics were clean and just what was needed. The sound effects were good, though I usually play this kind of game with the sound off. Playing this while listening to Ender’s Shadow was particularly awesome. In conclusion, I give this game a 3.5 out of a 5 hearts.

If you want to play Top Defense, you can find it at Kongregate.


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