Fudge Supplement – Werecreatures and Shifters

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As I’m sure some of you know, I am a Fudge storyteller. I hesitate to say GM because my games are very much interactive stories with very little in the way of the standard table top roleplaying elements. For the campaign that I am running, I maintain a setting known as Nightshade Academy. This is a medieval fantasy based setting with a school for magic and magical creatures. One of the major problems I had been having with this setting was resolving the way werecreatures and shape changing creatures are treated in most table top system with each other and with the way that werecreatures feel like they work in fantasy and mythological stories. As such, I wrote out my way of handling such creatures. Basically, you take a human and write up their base form. Here I am using a human wizard, age 11. My normal character builds give 3 free stat increases, 3 great skills, 8 good skills, 2 gifts and 2 flaws. This character, known as Magen, is a were-jaguar. Magen has only 1 gift and 1 flaw free for the player to choose. The other gift is “Shift – Were form” and the other flaw is “Werecreature”.


  • Stamina – Fair
  • Health – Fair
  • Damage mitigation – Fair
  • Dexterity – Fair
  • Perception – Good
  • Willpower – Good
  • Reasoning – Good
  • Skills
  •       Great
  •             Literacy
  •             Theology/Myths/Rituals
  •             Language – Greek
  •       Good
  •             Legends & Stories
  •             Scholarly Magic
  •             History
  •             Thaumatology
  •             Arcane Lore
  •             Language – Mayan
  •             Language – French
  •             Language – Latin
  •       Gifts
  •             Eidetic Memory
  •             Shift – Were-Jaguar
  •       Flaws
  •             Shy
  •            Werecreature

 When the shift to her jaguar form occurs, she gets 3 more free points to put into her physical attributes and has to take 2 mental attribute reductions. She gets 3 new great skills and 8 new good skills, replacing the skills from her human form. She also gets a new gift to replace her human form gift and her human form flaw is replaced with “Unable to Speak”. This may or may not apply depending on the setting.


  • Stamina – Good
  • Health – Fair
  • Damage mitigation – Good
  • Dexterity – Good
  • Perception – Good
  • Willpower – Mediocre
  • Reasoning – Good
  • Skills
  •         Great
  •             Acrobatics
  •             Athletics
  •             Move Quietly
  •         Good
  •             Weapon – claws
  •              Read Opponent
  •              Tactics
  •              Balance
  •              Climbing
  •              Jumping
  •              Ambush
  •              Stealth
  •         Gifts
  •             Quick Reflexes
  •             Shift – Human
  •          Flaws
  •             Unable to speak
  •             Werecreature

My intention with this way of writing up the character is that the player can make two character sheets and switch between them when the character changes forms. It addresses the fact that a character expending an entire gift for another form should truly have another form and other skills and talents in that form. This can also allow the player to choose what parts of their mind they choose to retain in their animal form. An optional addition, at the discretion of the GM, is that while in the wereform, the player can use all of their Great ranked mental skills from their base form.

This method of creating a were-creature was tested over this past weekend during a pre-genned module calling Sorting which is part of my Nightshade Academy fantasy setting. One of the students newly come into their power is a werewolf. Three different players played the werewolf and they all enjoyed the character, especially since switching forms is essentially free. Out of the three players, 2 had played Fudge before and 1 had not. The only complaint was that the Gifts of a character should be available in both forms. For example, the pre-generated werewolf had Danger Sense in its human form but no in the wolf form. I do agree that this makes more logical sense and for player created characters this should always be an option. But there may be powers such as Mechanical Genius, which wouldn’t make any sense to apply while in an animal form.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little ramble about this new way of doing werecreatures and shifters. In the future, I intend to discuss my new system for characters who don’t know they have powers yet and how to do it.


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