Swords and Potions

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Envision your standard shop in an RPG style game. You come in and the merchant may or may not have what your looking for, and you might be able to sell inventory items to the merchant. So imagine now that you’re the merchant instead of the adventurer. You get to haggle with the adventurers coming into your shop, you get to hire craftsmen to make your merchandise. There are a lot interesting stats that can be messed around with and achievements for the gaining, which is always awesome.

So, here’s where the complaining begins. First off, its a microtransaction flash game. Well…that could be reasonable, except that every few in game days you see a screen like the one below. You can buy more days for money…but that’s no fun. Its particularly depressing when you’re going along and doing really well and suddenly…wait 10 minutes before you get to do anything else. What makes this worse is that the game itself is very very fast paced. So you’re completely focused, in the zone and then BAM! Black screen of boredom.

There are some games in which the requirement to build up a lot of a resource in order to upgrade your existing items or to buy more items. And in a lot of games this is really fun and good. And then there are some games in which the costs are prohibitively high and the other option requires real world money. This is one of the second kind. There’s a whole menu of things that can be purchased for the shop to get you more customers or increase the skill of your employees, however they cost so much gold that buying them is silly.

Overall, as much fun as I have been having playing this game, it has so many problems that it probably isn’t really worth my time. I give Swords and Potions a 2 out of 5 hearts. Better luck next time.

  1. 314159nerd says:

    I was very excited to play it until you mentioned the micro-transactions.

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