Word Squared

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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WordSquared is a massively multiplayer game of scrabble. If that sounds amazing to you, it should. Like many other MMO type games, you are rewarded for your participation with experience points. In this case, they take the form of the points you gain for playing words on the scrabble board. Words you have played show up in that nice, light brown you see below in the word “GREETS”, everyone else’s are grey. See that little black box up in the top righthand corner? That’s the minimap. You heard me, scrabble with a minimap.

So, here’s where things get weird. After your first turn, which can be placed anywhere, you have to build off of your own words. Also, see the stars on the board? You get stars every time you level up and every time you get a letter onto a star tile. Those stars give you blank letter tiles that can be used to make any letter you need, but they don’t count for points when you play them.

There are achievements for the unlocking! There are the usual ones, for 10 words, 100 words etc. There are also some entertaining ones for like, getting no vowels or no consonants on your letter rack.

Now, here are the downsides. It lacks severely in the actual multiplayer features. I basically spent a while making words in circles, unable to connect to the other players. You also can’t talk to the other players. The most “interaction” I have seen is watching other people make their words, which is slightly disconcerting actually. I really wish that there was some more interaction between the players, like even just the ability to form words off of each other without having to brach all the way there.

In conclusion, WordsSquared is a kind of entertaining game for a while, but it isn’t nearly interactive enough. Despite being an MMO, it feels very much like a single player game. It also lagged quite annoyingly most of the time I was playing. Over all, I give WordsSquared 2 out of 5 hearts. I found it kind of boring.

If you are interested in playing WordsSquared, you can find it in the Google Chrome store.

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