Collapse! Blast

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

TI love it when I find new games through my friends. G+ makes this extremely simple. And so, I come to you bearing Collapse! Blast, a Google+ game. Its an interesting take on the old classic where you find sets of 3 or more contiguous blocks of the same color and click on them and they get cleared and the blocks above them fall. In Collapse! Blast, you get a 60 second play at a time and gain experience and coins. Experience allows you to level up and unlock new features. Every time you level up, you gain coins and your lives are refilled. You start out with 2 lives and each life gives you a play. You can also get more lives from friends, by waiting for them to refresh or by buying lives with real money in the in-game store. After you reach level 5, coins can be used to buy special power ups.

Collapse! Blast has an almost overwhelming amount of stuff in the interface. You can see all the things you have yet to unlock, friends who are playing the game, your lives, coins experience. There’s a weekly tournament, messages, invits. You can go to the shop (which is a micro-transaction shop, by the way). I almost found the screen to be too busy.

The game itself is extremely fast paced and supplied in nice small chunks. Its very nice and enthralling. The ability to hit the space bar and bring up the next line of blocks is a particularly nice touch.

So here’s something I totally bet you didn’t expect me to be extolling the virtues of. This is one of the best microtransaction stores I’ve ever seen. Its simple and clean. Its easy to use. Most importantly, it doesn’t try to hide the fact that you’re spending money. There’s no virtual currency. You can buy coins and lives, that’s it. Very nice, very simple, not misleading. I applaud the developers.

I enjoyed playing Collapse! Blast very much. Its a nice simple game and well done. The interface is cluttered, but they did put a lot in. There are some features (like the messaging system) that seem slightly silly given that its in a social network, but overall it was nice and well made. As such, I award Collapse! Blast with a 3.5 out of 5 hearts.

Collapse! Blast is available on Google+.

  1. Cimone says:

    weeee… mwahahah the addiction spreads.

    (as a note – when you unlock the powerups at level 5, they no longer show up unless you have chosen them. bombs, colored bombs, etc. on the other hand, you can customize what you are getting for special blocks.)

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