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I know I’ve talked about Kongregate before, especially given that a bunch of the games that I’ve reviewed are on there. But today, I’m talking about the Kongregate META game. So, basically, you make a user name and you start out at level 1. You then gain points based on the achievements you have unlocked in the games and your points cause you to level up.

It keeps track of everything you do, including forum posts, comments, points, recent logins and fun stuff like that. You can also see your most recent achievements on your profile.

I mentioned achievements, right? Well there are a lot of them. They call them badges, by the by. There are hundreds of badges and 8 quests. Quests are this fun beast where you collect a certain set of achievements to get a special badge and more points. The beginner quest, for example, includes 9 easy achievements from different games of varying genres.

On the subject of achievements, they have this neat little thing called the Badge of the day, which you can see below. Basically, you go complete an achievement and not only do you get the points and the badge, you also get points if you are a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member. Which is the best deal ever. For more information on the PowerUp Rewards, you can go here.

The META game is to play games and level up in your gamer-i-ness. Which is really really fun. What makes it all even better is that its entirely free to play.

As a developer, I am a big fan of Kongregate for many reasons. You don’t need a separate account for developing and playing, and more importantly (as a poor college student) is the Kreds system. So, as a dev, you make a small amount of money from advertising while people play your game. On top of that, you can also get tips in the form of Kreds. Kreds are the virtual currency of Kongregate and they can be purchased for a small amount of money. And I think that Kongregate says it best on their website.

I really like the Kongregate META game. Its a nice addition to the gaming site. The games are wonderful and all, but the site itself is good enough that I want to keep coming back. In light of that awesomeness, I award Kongregate with a 4 out of 5 hearts. They would get the full 5, but they currently only support Unity and Flash based games and not my favorite HTML5.

4/5 Hearts

If you’re interested in checking out the awesome that is Kongregate, you can find it here.

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