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Sumon is a game out from Ideateca Games (or Ludei, their site is quite confusing) using my absolute favorite HTML5 and teaching mathematical concepts. How cool is that? The basic idea is that you take squares with numbers on them and you have a goal number. You are trying to create the goal number by selecting squares to add together. The more squares you use, the higher the score you get for them.

There are three different play modes: classic, progressive and respawn. Classic mode is just a big square of numbers each level. Progressive mode starts with a small amount of squares and the number of squares increases every level. In respawn mode, more blocks get added periodically. In all of the modes, the goal is to clear the screen of blocks.

The art style in this game is very nice. It has a certain feeling of homemade which makes it welcoming. The music is overwhelmingly annoying. It is less easy to notice that the music is a very short loop while you’re playing because of all the sound effects, but if you leave it sitting on a menu for any amount of time, you will realize just how short the repeat loop is.

Sumon is a very nice game. I really enjoyed it, though I would have liked for it to be a tad harder. It should be great for kids. In light of all that, I award Sumon a 4 out of 5 hearts. Could have been higher if it wasn’t for the music driving me a little batty.

4/5 Hearts

Sumon is available on several platforms including the iPhone, Android and Chrome browser. If you would like to try it out, check out the info page here.


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