Posted: January 18, 2012 in 4 Hearts

Have you every found a game and been like OH MAN! That’s kind of what I was like today when I found this one. The basic idea is that you encounter favicons of various websites either by random battles or by entering the URL of a page that you want to try to capture.

Gotta catch ’em all, Favimon!

As you can probably tell, Favimon is based largely on Pokemon. It goes so far as to include the rare and elusive shiny Favimon types. As you can see, I have an interesting assortment of Favimon in my party. I captured YouTube after this particular battle. I really like this game. Its absolutely brilliant and hilarious.

I’m particularly please because I captured a shiny WordPress. Also, the attacks of the various Favimon are loosely based on the type of website it is, except for websites that are particularly well known in which case their attacks are straight up references to the page.

The one thing I don’t much like about it is that there isn’t a Favimon center or anything like that so you can only heal your Favimon while in combat, and only if they have an ability that heals. As you can see, WordPress here doesn’t have one of those.

In conclusion, Favimon is a hilarious little game. You can find it at Favimon.com. I suggest you go check it out as soon as possible and capture some websites. The internet is big and you gotta catch them all! I’m awarding Favimon with a 4 out of 5 hearts. If they add a healing center when they come out of BETA, then I will love them forever.

4/5 Hearts

  1. Jamie B. says:

    This sounds hilarious! I need to try this. In my copious free time.

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