Sugar, Sugar

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Do you like sugar in your coffee or tea? How precise are you on how much you put in? If you like exactly 100 grains of sugar, then you will definitely like this game. Sugar, Sugar is a flash-based puzzle game that can be found on Kongregate. The basic idea is that you have to get sugar into the appropriate cups by drawing lines on the screen. Sometimes that involves changing gravity or using filters to change the color of the sugar. There are 30 different levels and a freeplay mode that can be unlocked.

The interface is really simple and quite cool. I particularly like watching the little bits of sugar fall. Its kind of mesmerizing. The controls are simple, you just need to click and drag to draw a line. My only complaint (echoed by some of the commenters on Kongregate) is that it would be quite nice if there was a tool to draw a straight line.

The difficulty of the puzzles ramps up at a very nice rate, with no level being too hard for the player to beat after a little thought and effort. One of my favorite random things about this game is that all the text and any buttons on the screen count as in game objects and sugar can pile up on them. I also really like the color filters. In later levels, they make things very interesting and challenging.

Sugar, Sugar is a very fun game. I definitely suggest giving it a try. The concept is interesting and the style of it is very professional. I award Sugar, Sugar a 4 out of 5 hearts. It would have scored higher but there are times when the player has the proper solution but because of issues with the line drawing, it doesn’t end up working properly.

4/5 Hearts

If you’re interested in playing Sugar, Sugar, you can find it here.


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