Posted: May 18, 2012 in 4.5 Hearts
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Wow, I’ve been absent for a while. Sorry about that folks, but I’ve been working on finishing up my undergraduate degree. With that officially done, I’m back in the blogosphere while I throw resumes into the void, as I like to call the job hunt. In order to jump right back in, I found a flash game on Kongregate that couldn’t help but grab my attention: Paladog. Particularly because the icon for the game is a little doggy wearing a plate helmet.

The storyline behind Paladog is an interesting one. The basic idea is that human beings have done so much damage to the earth through war and stuff that the gods got angry and destroyed them. So then the gods decided to make the critters of the world be the new dominant society. Well, apparently the new denizens of Critterland are so good and pure that the devils can’t find any evil minds to corrupt, so they decide to attack with an undead army instead. That’s where you come in as Paladog. You lead the forces of animal kind against the undead hordes.

The game play is pretty simple. You control Paladog as he moves back and forth on the screen, summon his woodland allies and use one of his three weapons to use various abilities. There are also periodically stages where the normal rules get thrown out the window and you’re suddenly working with the same basic ideas but totally new mechanics, such as an escort mission happening instead of a target to kill or you get to use powers as they come down a track rather than waiting for mana to regenerate. Normally speaking, you have two bars to worry about: mana and food. Mana is used for Paladog’s special weapon abilities and food is used to summon his allies. The controls are keyboard or mouse driven and you can choose to use a combination of types of controls if you would like. I personally found that using entirely the keyboard worked quite well, since the controls stay either on the a-l line or the number line.

The storyline is adorable, the graphics are adorable and the controls are really simple. It has a nice level of complexity to the strategy of the game, with the resource management and choosing which troops to send out and which weapons to use. You can upgrade your individual units, equip your paladin and buy more advanced units. This adds in a whole new level of complexity as decisions have to be made about which troops to upgrade or whether to just save everything to buy new troop types.

Overall, I loved this game. Paladog is absolutely adorable and eye catching. The graphics have a really fun quality to them and the game is very enjoyable. I strongly recommend trying it out. Best of all, you can have 3 save files at a time, so you can play around with different ways of playing and see how they go. I award Paladog with 4.5 hearts of out 5. Very well done.

4.5 out of 5 zelda hearts

If you want to try out Paladog, you can find it here.


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