Strawhat Samurai

Posted: June 27, 2012 in 2 Hearts
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Strawhat Samurai is a flash game available on Kongregate. Its a combat adventure game with a simple storyline. The basic idea is that two warlords are at war in Feudal Japan and you’ve been called in as a Samurai to fight the opposing army to distract them until your allies get there. The level select map is the path you’re following to get north and has some interesting, though simplistic mechanics to it. Such as being unable to go out on to the road until you’ve dealt with a watch tower.

In order to fight other warriors, you use the mouse to draw the line you’re cutting with your katana. You can click on a location to walk there, or slash through it to run there. The archery system is interesting in that the player can toggle their bow at any time that they have arrows, and arrows must be gathered in a level. This seems a little odd, but it works. Why don’t arrows I don’t use in one level carry over to the next? One thing I do approve of is that you can’t shoot while moving like in a lot of games. The levels can be very difficult and periodically made no sense. At one point, I found myself fighting a catapult and the game text said to “hit it back in the balls”. Hitting the catapult stones appeared to do nothing, particularly since they usually disappeared on impact and I couldn’t actually hit the catapult.

The game certainly has a very samurai movie feel to it, with all the running around and the lone good guy with just his sword. Even the background music embraces the feel. The art only adds to it. I wish that the game play and puzzle design could have lived up to the rest of the game. Overall, I was underwhelmed. Though I do approve of the archery system. I award Strawhat Samurai 2 out of 5 hearts.

If you’re interested in playing Strawhat Samurai, you can find it here.


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