Posted: August 3, 2012 in 4 Hearts

Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Of course you do! How would you like to be able to play a simplified version online? I’m not talking about Dungeons and Dragons Online, oh no. I’m talking about Conclave. Conclave is a game by 10x10Room which is currently in open beta. This means the game is still in the testing phases and your input can help them fix bugs. The basic idea is that Conclave is a multiplayer roleplaying game where you go on quests, fight monsters and save people. You can either play alone or in a party of up to 4 people. I started out playing solo and then slowly built up my current party of four. I’m playing a Nix Rogue. As you probably noticed, the races are entirely unique to Conclave. In our part we have a Forgeborn, a Mezoar, a Nix and a Trow. The classes are a combination of things you’re used to from D&D and totally new. Our party is a Vanguard, a True Bow, a Rogue and a Rune Caster. The remaining race is Lumyn and class is Beacon.

Quests scale themselves for how many players you have in them, making it more difficult if you have more players. The storylines are fairly interesting thus far. My character is level 3, so I haven’t gotten very far, but its been very exciting. The game has a bunch of free quests and then quest packs that can be purchased in their store. Only one member of your party needs to own a quest pack in order for the party to play it. One of my favorite things about Conclave is the equipment system. There’s no worrying about getting a particular loot drop or grinding the gold to buy it from the shop. All you have to do is complete enough quests to have the Renown to equip it. This makes sure you can have the right level equipment for the quests you should be running. It also means you’re not fighting with other people to get equipment.

So far, the only complaint I’ve had is the amount of time a round can take when you have a full party. And honestly, this isn’t the fault of the game. Players get a real-life day in which to make their actions before the game picks actions for them. These actions aren’t super useful, generally being defensive in nature, but it does keep the game moving. The lack of problems is impressive, given that its in beta. I’ve really only seen one bug, and it involved the chat box. Conclave is very well made and fun to play. I award Conclave a 4 out of 5 hearts.

4/5 HeartsIf you’re interested in playing Conclave, you can check it out here.



  1. Cimone says:

    “if you’re interested in playing…”
    or ask around to see if someone else has a part with open slots. its much more fun to play w/ friends.

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