Ninja Painter

Posted: August 8, 2012 in 3.5 Hearts

Ninja Painter is a flash based puzzle game developed by SilenGames. The basic idea is that you’re playing a ninja who paints houses or something like that. There are 30 separate levels, in three difficulties of play. Along with beating the levels themselves, the player can try to gather stars for achievements.

There are two control schemes: keyboard and mouse. I found that keyboard based controls were much easier to use. A lot of the puzzle levels are very difficult, involving a lot of thinking. The easy levels are a very nice tutorial to the game and the thought patterns required to be good at it. Once you move on to normal and hard, the difficulty ramps up quickly.


The art is simple and nice, blending nicely with the game play and backstory. The one problem is that Ninja Painter really wants to play like a fast-paced puzzler, but requires a lot of thought making it much slower. I very much enjoyed playing it, but found that it quickly got too difficult. I award Ninja Painter a 3.5 out of 5 hearts.

If you’re interested in playing Ninja Painter, you can find it on Kongregate.


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