Pawn Stars: The Game

Posted: September 21, 2012 in 3.5 Hearts

The phenomenon of video games based on TV shows is an interesting one. There are a lot of them these days, all over the internet, and some times I find myself looking at them and wondering what this has to do with the show. In case you haven’t seen the show Pawn Stars is about a pawn shop in Vegas run by a man and his father and son. The shop frequently has really crazy things come in and be sold and pawned. When I say crazy I mean people have brought in civil war guns and monster trucks. The basic idea of the game is that you’re running the shop and its up to you to haggle for the things being brought in and make sure you make money.

Like a lot of other games these days, Pawn Stars: The Game is based on real life time. Every 5 minutes, a new customer will come into the store. If an offer on an item you’re selling is too low, it takes a further hour for a new offer to come in. I tend to not like these games, since they run while you’re not playing and you can miss things and since they’re more or less designed to cause the impatient player to spend money on microtransactions. As you buy and sell things, you can level up and slowly unlock new types of shelves, new rooms and various decorations.

A lot of the game is silly, which is nice. For someone who likes casual games, its pretty good. There is a lot to play around with, mostly based on one simple mechanic. I’m not super excited about it, but I like my games much faster paced. I’m also not really big on the art style. Its very ‘static image’. One of the most jarring things is that people don’t walk in the door and up to the counter, they just appear.

If you like the show and like casual games, this game might be worth playing. If you like games that are more immediate and involve less waiting, look else where. I award Pawn Stars: The Game with 3.5 out of 5 hearts. Better than I was expecting, but still not great.

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