Pokemon Black and Blue

Posted: October 8, 2012 in 1 Heart
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I had a lovely review planned for today for a game called A Tale of Colours that one of my friends pointed me at…then I found a new game from PETA. Its a parody of the Pokemon series, set up to be a serious game. I’m going to preface this whole review with the fact that I’m going to do everything in my power to objectively review this game for its merits as a socio-political persuasive game, but I feel I should mention that I love Pokemon, I eat meat and I tend to view PETA as a touch crazy. With that disclaimer noted, lets head into the game.

The Pokemon franchise is based around the idea of letting kids capture little creatures and then breed and battle them. It was based off the childhood of the creator, catching bugs and studying them. But enough is enough, says PETA! We cannot allow children to have fun by caging helpless animals and forcing them to fight each other. They created a Pokemon style game where you play as the Pokemon. Unlike other games, the Pokemon are fighting their trainers and trying to spread the word about the fact that this violence hurts them and that they have feelings too.

As with other PETA games, the game play includes rewards which are videos showing the harm to animals caused by humans. The idea is to indoctrinate the players. The problem is that the games are geared for children and they tend to be far too over the top to actually convince most kids. I tend to find that scare tactics just leave kids having nightmares, not actually changing their attitudes towards anything.

The biggest problem with this game as a persuasive game is that any kid who has actually played the Pokemon games knows that the main character wins because they love their Pokemon and bond with them. The professors are always in favor of treating Pokemon with kindness and even your Rival learns their lesson in the end. So basically, PETA made a game to try to teach the same message the Pokemon games are actually teaching….

Only they made it ludicrous and over the top. Wait…I forgot. Attempting to review objectively. Uh…uh… The art lends itself well to the persuasive game style they’re going for. They make frequent allusions to the actual games, enough to make it feel properly in-world. But the characters are all being portrayed as completely psychotic killers, such as their portrayal of Ash Ketchum.

Pokemon is a fun game for kids about getting along, making friends, playing outside and exploring. Pokemon Black and Blue is a parody of that trying to show that the Pokemon world teaches kids to be violent and uncaring towards animals. I believe they are rather wide of their mark. As with their other persuasive games, they’ve gone so far in trying to prove their argument that it comes off as deluded ramblings. Their game has no bugs, which is nice, and the graphics are well done for their purpose. I award Pokemon Black and Blue 1 out of 5 hearts. I’m really not sure what else to say…I think I might have nightmares.

If you’re interested in playing Pokemon Black and Blue, you can find it here, along with links to the other PETA games.

Any thoughts about Pokemon Black and Blue? I’d love to hear your comments.

  1. Tim says:

    Couple things: First, why would you “reward” someone with cruel animal videos. That’s definitely contrary to what they should be doing. I’d take a reward that shows the pokemon being freed or celebrating their escape. Especially because if the reward is bad, either the game will not be played again or it is encouraging the player to seek the bad thing; such is the nature of “rewards.” Second, they have apparently not played any of the special or recent games that involve Pokemon walking behind you. Sure, not every Pokemon does, but any Pokemon can.

  2. ferretbrain says:

    Blatantly stolen from an Anonymous Coward on Slashdot:

    To misquote Firefly,

    Well, my days of not taking PETA seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

  3. gold account says:

    PETA has a history of making these parody games in order to make certain points, and to be fair, sometimes they’re good points that are being made. With Pokemon Black & Blue, however, I don’t think their efforts hit the mark. Even if the games have dealt with the idea, there’s a legitimate issue that could be made about how the Pokemon games encourage people to capture Pokemon, and then use them to battle one another. Had this game stuck to dealing with just that, it could have made a legitimate point.

  4. PoptartKing86 says:

    I noticed that they made Ash say that “I never asked you if you wanted to battle other Pokémon or wanted to leave your Pokéball to stretch your legs. You’ve always just been a tool to me,” when quite the opposite is true, in Ash’s case, (as far as I’m concerned) most of the time he asks Pikachu if he wants to battle, and Pikachu doesn’t want to be in his pokéball, so since Ash being his trainer, he hasn’t been in his pokéball once. Ash and Pikachu are actually best friends, expressed by both Ash and Pikachu.

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