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Papa’s Wingeria

Posted: January 6, 2014 in 4 Hearts
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Papa’s Wingeria is a time management based strategy game out of Flipline Studios, the makers of the whole Papa Louie line of games. The basic concept of each of these games is roughly the same. You play the only employee at one of Papa’s many restaurants, managing the register, food prep and serving the customers all at once. And these customers are picky about their food. On top of that, you have to save up from your meager tips and once a week pay to get upgrades for the store, like timers or a doorbell.

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Each day, an increasing amount of customers arrives and the amount of choices they have for their food also increases, while a day always stays the same amount of time. Early in the game, you don’t really have to manage your time but you have to stay on top of the cooking food to not burn it and watch for new customers actively. As more and more customers arrive, time becomes much more important, but hopefully you will have picked up things like the fryer alarms and the doorbell so you can know what’s going on while on other screens.

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The graphics are simple, though the building phase is very well made and the food goes exactly where you put it. While this is much more evident in the other Papa Louie games, especially Papa’s Burgeria, it still holds true here. And positioning during the build phase is very important for your final score. One of the things I really appreciated while playing is that the sauces for the wings are each a very distinct color which makes it possible to sauce the wings without having to manipulate the orders too much and thus waste time.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.37.59 PM

Scoring is based whether or not the order is correct, how well the wings were sauced, how well it was plated and how long the customer had to wait. This does mean that the wait score can be extremely difficult to achieve as you get further in the game and things get more complex. There are also special customers called Closers who arrive at the end of each day and they score more harshly than the other customers.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.40.27 PM

Between each day, there are rounds of optional mini-games based on the other Papa Louie games. These give chances to win extra money, items for the shop or clothing for your avatar. The item rewarded by the mini-game depends on which Papa Louie game it was based on and they don’t seem to reward store upgrades, just decorations. Though decorations can improve your waiting score. You earn the tickets to play the mini-games by doing a good job in the main game.

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Overall, I very much enjoyed playing Papa’s Wingeria, though I will say that if you don’t enjoy stress, this isn’t the game for you. Time management games are an exercise in frustration. The graphics fit the feel of the game, the difficulty ramps up nicely and the mini-games are a nice touch to change the flow of the game. I also appreciate that there is a pause button during the main game. I award Papa’s Wingeria 4 out of 5 hearts.

4/5 Hearts

If you’d like to play Papa’s Wingeria, you can find it here on Kongregate.


Haven and Hearth is an multiplayer survival game with some basis in Slavic and Germanic folklore. The basic idea is that you start in the wilderness with a fire and some basic survival skills and as you gathering things and learn about the environment, you gain points which are used to increase your skills and learn new ones. There are a lot of skills and its takes a lot of effort to get all of them.

Along with learning new skills, there are some skills which can be improved by spending learning points. There are also base attributes which affect how the use of your various skills works. The world is huge, though sparsely populated. I live in a small hearthland with 4 other players, sharing the work of getting to the more advanced technology and skills. As you can probably guess from my character sheet and land, I’m the farmer. I also take care of some of the livestock.

There are some inherent problems with Haven & Hearth. Since every item is a node with a limited amount of an item, you might come across a really large mud flat with no clay or a tree with no branches. There is also a really serious lag problem stemming from their network setup.

Haven & Hearth has a lot going for it, with a wide variety of skills and ways to play the game. You can be a nomad, a thief, a farmer, a merchant, a village leader, pretty much anything you can imagine. There’s a lot to explore too. One of my favorite features is the Hearth Secret which allows people to come into the world in the same area as their friends instead of a random place in the world. Overall, it has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see what it will be like when it finally come out of alpha. I award Haven & Hearth 4 out of 5 hearts. Handle that lag problem and you’ve got something awesome here.

4/5 Hearts


If you’re interested in playing Haven & Hearth, you can find it here and its completely free.




Posted: August 3, 2012 in 4 Hearts

Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Of course you do! How would you like to be able to play a simplified version online? I’m not talking about Dungeons and Dragons Online, oh no. I’m talking about Conclave. Conclave is a game by 10x10Room which is currently in open beta. This means the game is still in the testing phases and your input can help them fix bugs. The basic idea is that Conclave is a multiplayer roleplaying game where you go on quests, fight monsters and save people. You can either play alone or in a party of up to 4 people. I started out playing solo and then slowly built up my current party of four. I’m playing a Nix Rogue. As you probably noticed, the races are entirely unique to Conclave. In our part we have a Forgeborn, a Mezoar, a Nix and a Trow. The classes are a combination of things you’re used to from D&D and totally new. Our party is a Vanguard, a True Bow, a Rogue and a Rune Caster. The remaining race is Lumyn and class is Beacon.

Quests scale themselves for how many players you have in them, making it more difficult if you have more players. The storylines are fairly interesting thus far. My character is level 3, so I haven’t gotten very far, but its been very exciting. The game has a bunch of free quests and then quest packs that can be purchased in their store. Only one member of your party needs to own a quest pack in order for the party to play it. One of my favorite things about Conclave is the equipment system. There’s no worrying about getting a particular loot drop or grinding the gold to buy it from the shop. All you have to do is complete enough quests to have the Renown to equip it. This makes sure you can have the right level equipment for the quests you should be running. It also means you’re not fighting with other people to get equipment.

So far, the only complaint I’ve had is the amount of time a round can take when you have a full party. And honestly, this isn’t the fault of the game. Players get a real-life day in which to make their actions before the game picks actions for them. These actions aren’t super useful, generally being defensive in nature, but it does keep the game moving. The lack of problems is impressive, given that its in beta. I’ve really only seen one bug, and it involved the chat box. Conclave is very well made and fun to play. I award Conclave a 4 out of 5 hearts.

4/5 HeartsIf you’re interested in playing Conclave, you can check it out here.



Semantic Wars

Posted: August 1, 2012 in 4 Hearts

Semantic Wars is what happens when you combine a side scrolling war game with hangman. The basic idea is that you need to defend your castle and destroy the enemy’s castle. The more you use a troop type, the more experience they get towards leveling up and becoming more powerful. In order to recruit troops, you need money which you get from playing hangman. But you also lose money for incorrect guesses, and if you have no money you lose lives from your castle.

The graphics are really adorable and I love the background music. It has a very nice epic adventure feel to it. The controls are super simple, since its all driven from the keyboard. You use 1,2, and 3 to summon your troops. There’s a slight spawn delay while they are readied in the castle and then they show up on the screen in the order summoned. You also use the A-Z keys to guess letters. You can use the space bar to zoom out and see the whole screen, or use the arrows to move the camera around and see different parts of the battle field.

There are power ups which fall from the hot air balloon you can see in the picture above. There are tons of them and some help in the battle while some help in hangman. There’s a leader board for each of the three difficulties, which pretty much rounds out the awesome of Semantic Wars. My only real complaint is that the categories are really vague and general, meaning that if “building” comes up as the category, the word might be “brick”. This may, of course, only be a trait of easy mode. So I highly suggest checking it out. I award Semantic Wars a 4 out of 5 hearts. Well done!

4/5 Hearts

If you’re interested in trying out Semantic Wars, its available for free in the Google Chrome store.

Do you enjoy the boss fights in old arcade games but could do without the rest of the content? Then you should consider trying Boss Slayer. The basic idea of of Boss Slayer is that there are 10 spaceships coming and you get 12 attempts to take them all out. You get to keep the money you earn while fighting them and you can upgrade your ship to try to combat the menace.

The controls are simple, the graphics bring back memories of the days of Space Invaders and Galaga, and even the sound reminds me of a bygone era of arcades and games that were simple, innocent fun. The game itself is quite hard at first, though with some practice and using the in-game store to purchase upgrades it is very much a winnable game. They included 2 different control schemes. The first is the basic keyboard based controls and the second is mouse based. They also included an easy mode where you get as long as you want to defeat the 10 alien spaceships. Through the course of the levels there are two different kind of Pick Ups, money which is used to purchase upgrades and hearts which give you extra lives.

I found Boss Slayer to be a very fun and challenging game. I really appreciate a game with an interesting premise, good execution and a good level of difficulty. I award Boss Slayer 4 out of 5 hearts. Well done.

4/5 Hearts

If you are interested in playing Boss Slayer, you can fine it here on Kongregate.

Logic Puzzles

Posted: June 4, 2012 in 4 Hearts
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And here’s something completely out of left field. You know those puzzle books you can get for like $5 in the grocery store? They’re in the magazine aisle. They have these puzzles in them that a lot of people love called logic puzzles. These are actually a specific type of puzzle where you use some kind of chart and a list of clues and figure out what’s going on in the story. Usually they involve a lot of people doing fairly similar things, like buying plants or owning pets or both. The problem is that those books usually offer maybe 3 or 4 of those puzzles. I would love to find a book that is just those. So I went on the hunt. Turns out they exist online.

Logic puzzles are a time honored tradition for puzzle lovers. They involve a lot of thinking and, understandably, require logic. For those of you who have never played one before, tradition dictates that a circle is put where the answer is correct and an X where the answer is wrong and they are solved using the following kind of grid. The clues will also generally omit 1 item from each category of item. It can take a while to solve some of the puzzles, and for the harder ones you may have to take a guess in order to solve them.

The clues generally speaking look something like this.

Now then, to the specifics of the Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles. You can register for the site and it keeps track of your scores on various puzzles and you can compete for the high score on each given puzzle. The puzzles themselves are randomly generated, and you can access puzzles you’ve tried before but didn’t finish on your scores page. The difficulty of puzzles is also randomly determined, so you may end up finding some really hard ones. I found the set up of the site to be very simple, but very nice. It was very easy to use and very enjoyable. I award the Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles a 4 out of 5 hearts.

4/5 Hearts

If you would like to try out these logic puzzles, you can find them here.


Posted: January 18, 2012 in 4 Hearts

Have you every found a game and been like OH MAN! That’s kind of what I was like today when I found this one. The basic idea is that you encounter favicons of various websites either by random battles or by entering the URL of a page that you want to try to capture.

Gotta catch ’em all, Favimon!

As you can probably tell, Favimon is based largely on Pokemon. It goes so far as to include the rare and elusive shiny Favimon types. As you can see, I have an interesting assortment of Favimon in my party. I captured YouTube after this particular battle. I really like this game. Its absolutely brilliant and hilarious.

I’m particularly please because I captured a shiny WordPress. Also, the attacks of the various Favimon are loosely based on the type of website it is, except for websites that are particularly well known in which case their attacks are straight up references to the page.

The one thing I don’t much like about it is that there isn’t a Favimon center or anything like that so you can only heal your Favimon while in combat, and only if they have an ability that heals. As you can see, WordPress here doesn’t have one of those.

In conclusion, Favimon is a hilarious little game. You can find it at I suggest you go check it out as soon as possible and capture some websites. The internet is big and you gotta catch them all! I’m awarding Favimon with a 4 out of 5 hearts. If they add a healing center when they come out of BETA, then I will love them forever.

4/5 Hearts