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Girls In Games: The Future

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I ranted, and I rambled. I know it, you know it. The fact that my gender is no longer relegated to the kitchen is something I am rather passionate about. But I feel that I should just comment on the other side, the forward thinking minds who bring us new characters and new game concepts that don’t involve weddings, kitchens, dresses or make-up. I mentioned that Lara Croft has typically been something of a sex symbol. And well, you know it to be true.

Lets face it, that is one fine archeologist. Lady Croft was and is the subject of more teenage fantasies than I can even begin to name. And while that will never change, the face of the Tomb Raider will. Square Enix has released the art for their new Tomb Raider reboot and wow. The intention with this one was to make Lara less of a sex symbol and more of a survivor. One of the things that they talked about is the addition of damage to the character and the character’s attire (in the addition of mud and patches, not rips) over the course of the game. And even more than that, Lara looks much more like the fighter that she has always been. This is the first time that I have looked at a Tomb Raider game and said “Yup, she could break me by looking at me funny.” Normally, I looked at her and think something more like “Huh…I wonder if her lower back can support those?” By no means does this mean that Lara is no longer the beautiful woman she was before, oh no, she is still a very very attractive Tomb Raider. But now she also looks like the strong, capable fighter, and like the kind of person who has been to all the places and done all the things that Lara Croft has done.

This is what I want more of in the world. More games where the female lead is strong and beautiful, not just sexy to sell the game. Lara is strong, smart, capable and attractive and putting her in dirty clothes, making her chest a realistic size and making her clothes be reasonable for someone likely to be in at least one gun fight in the next 24 hours does nothing to change the essence of who she is or to make her any less attractive. Square Enix, I approve, but then, what less could I expect from the people who brought us FFX2, the only Final Fantasy, and really the only RPG I can think of with an entirely female party. Even if the outfits did follow the anime laws for female armor. (and no, I swear this wasn’t an excuse to throw a picture with Rikku in it at the bottom of the post)